Läppä Comment

Läppä Sense Extension set up

Import Extension to Sense Server

  1. Download from
  2. Import extension in QMC Extension section


Set up extension properties

  1. Add Comment extension to sheet
  2. Set up properties


4.1 By default extension is configured for Läppä Cloud. Add your provided API key in API key field. 4.2 Add dimensions for commenting. Enter field names with prefixfing = eg. =Account 4.3 You must enter values for Organization, Account, Time and Other dimension. If some dimension is not required you can enter empty or placeholder value for dimension 5. Change commenting behaviour You can further define behaviour for comment entry:


5.1 You can set validator to only allow number, display either single line or multi line text box.

5.2 Save button can be either Save without rating or with Positive/Negative rating.

5.3 By default you can fetch Newest stored comment for selected dimensions or display default text/placeholder.