Läppä Matrix

Läppä Matrix Extension set up

Läppä Matrix extension is used to input values directly from pivot table into Läppä Commenting. Common use cases for Läppä Matrix is budget input, master data management and periodical entry for manual information.

Comments or values are automatically stored when user presses enter while entering or modifying the value inside cell.


Import Extension to Sense Server

  1. Download from
  2. Import extension in QMC Extension section


Set up extension properties

  1. Add MatrixComment extension to sheet
  2. Add 1-2 dimensions and measure to set up the table
  3. Set up properties


5.1 By default extension is configured for Läppä Cloud. Add your provided API key in API key field. 5.2 Add dimensions for commenting. Enter field names with prefixfing = eg. =Account. By default dimensions added to Dimension section are stored in Läppä so there are three additional dimensions that can be saved. 5.3 You can enter values for Account, Other dimension and Value for key. It is not reguired to add these, but these can be provided to add extra information. 6. Change commenting behaviour You can further define layout of the table:


6.1 You can add calculated total column for the table. The header name of the total column is also configurable.