eCraft BI Extension Platform

Our mindset and way of working is based on governed business insight. BI Extension platform adds value to your BI applications as SaaS.


eCraft Extension platform


Supported visualizations and functional extensions as a service for Qlik Sense

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Commenting and write-back capabilities for Qlik Sense and QlikView

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Supported third party visualizations and functional extensions as a service for Qlik Sense

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Qlik extensions as a service


Supported visualizations and functional extensions as a service for Qlik Sense.

Take your reporting capabilities to next level with extensions. Qlik offers wide range of open APIs to extend reporting capabilities.

Supported and governed
Automatic updates and fixes for extensions without need for IT support. Graffa extensions are tested to work with all new versions of Qlik Sense to you don't have worry about compability issues. When new features are released extensions will be updated automatically to support the new features.

Includes all present and future extensions
We are developing new extensions and improving existing. All new extensions and updates to existing are included in subscription.

Easy to get started
Start using instantly in your Qlik environment. No complicated installations or configurations. You can even add visualizations to existing applications.

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Customized KPI visualization for management dashboard view. Quick glance to see KPIs for all dimension values.


P&L Report

Advanced Profit & Loss, Cash flow and balance sheet tables for Qlik Sense. Row based customization to allow detailed and custom views.



See more in a single view. Change displayed graph easily with the container extension.



Customizable KPI with multiple custom actions and functionalities.


Commenting and writeback

eCraft LÄPPÄ

LÄPPÄ is an extension for Qlik solutions that enables commenting and write back.

Possibility for multiple commenting levels e.g. Cost-center, Business Area and Company. Comment can be linked to multiple dimensions e.g. Product, Customer, Organization and Time. Possibility to rate comments as positive or negative. Visualization of comments in management view with possibilities to quickly glance into current situation and drill-down into details

Input estimates for critical KPIs and other key metrics. Also possibility to integrate into custom write-back situations.

Easy integration into new and existing solutions.

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Text or numeric input for all commenting and input purposes.



Pivot-table style input especially designed for entering numbers.



Table based input for quickly inputting multiple comments or input values.


Extensions for Qlik Sense


Focus on what you are good at: Solving business problems using data.

Easy-To-Use, Customizable, Supported.
Using extensions developers can extend visualisation capabilities in dashboards and analysis to better support different business needs.

What is Vizlib?
Vizlib is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, customizable and supported SaaS (software-as-a-service) extension library for Qlik Sense. With Vizlib extensions you can bring apps to life and deliver true value with industry leading visualisations and extra functionality for Qlik Sense.

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